Hey, I’m Seongwon, and this is my blog.

Why am I here?

Over the past twelve years, I have worked in workplaces of different sizes and cultures. This experience allowed me to observe different industries and how each operates, but it also exposed me to many influences of leadership styles. While I have observed and practiced great leadership and communication that paved the way to success, I have witnessed more failures than successes, bad leadership more than good, and ineffective communication more than effective. These things happen because leadership and communication are often undervalued, neglected, and considered nice to have rather than necessary for success. But I kid you not, they are the most important engine behind any scale of success.

This is why I created this blog: to promote and educate leadership and communication skills to help you grow and succeed. I intend to share the power of leadership and communication through my experience and how it impacted my life beyond my career. If you have been looking to improve your leadership and communication skills, I sincerely hope that reading my content helps you a better leader and communicator.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog.


Seongwon Han