Hi! I’m Seongwon.

Welcome to my blog, where I draw from years of experience to explore the dynamic realms of leadership and communication.

Join me as we explore actionable strategies and insights for navigating the complexities of these vital skills in today’s professional landscape.

About Me

Upon completing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I embarked on a career journey that began as a communications officer in the Republic of Korea Air Force. This role provided me with invaluable training in developing effective leadership and communication skills.

With a solid foundation in leadership and communication from the outset of my career, I successfully navigated various industries, earning a reputation for delivering results. I discovered early on the symbiotic relationship between leadership and communication; both are essential for fostering effective collaboration and driving positive outcomes.

I’m excited to share the power of leadership and communication, unlocking pathways for personal development and career growth.

My Experience

Software Engineer – 2018 to Present

I transitioned my career into software engineering to get more hands-on experience in software development.

Heavily interested in business logic, I focused on my skills in backend engineering. Over the years, I built an online coaching platform, a smart factory ERP, and an intelligence search application.

CRM System Manager – 2015 to 2018

after my military service, I joined World Vision, one of the world’s largest non-profit organizations. I took charge of handling data extractions for sponsorship retention and global IT communications.

During my three years at World Vision, I successfully led a project to implement a talent donation platform, reduced system downtime by half, and designed basic data analytics training courses to help the Customer Success and Marketing teams.

Republic of Korea Air Force – 2012 to 2014

In my first year as a communications officer, I was responsible for overseeing the operations of ACMI(Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation) and communicating with the US counterpart.

My work was recognized, and in my second year, I was promoted to First Lieutenant and selected as an Aide-De-Camp for the Operations Commander. Working as an aide allowed me to observe and study great leadership closely.